Student-Centered Learning Essay

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Student-Centered Learning

Student-centered learning is a broad teaching approach that encompasses replacing lectures with active learning, integrating self-paced learning programs and/or cooperative group situations, ultimately holding the student responsible for his own advances in education. Student-centered learning environments have a heightened advantage over the traditional teacher-centered, subject-centered environment in that they provide complimentary activities, interactive in nature, enabling individuals to address their own learning interests and needs and move forward into increasingly complex levels of content to further their understanding and appreciate subject matter. The student-centered learning environment has
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81). To meet the needs of industry and its workers, education must be more accommodating. The educational system should change with the times as well as with the learner.

Land & Hannafin (1996) state that learning environments are rooted in psychological, pedagogical, technological, cultural, and pragmatic foundations (p. 396). The psychological foundations of learning environments are based on how we think and learn as individuals. The methods, activities, and structures of the learning environment are the focus of pedagogical influences. Pedagogical and psychological foundations together give the basis for methods and strategies used and the ways in which the content is organized. Student-centered learning environments pull from the problem-based contexts and exploration of pedagogical foundations. Technological foundations can show how available technology can be optimized to create environments where learning is the desired outcome. Cultural foundations play an important role in society because they affect the design of learning systems. As a culture places an increasing importance on technology, it is reflected in the schools as computers become more prevalent and educational software is more available. Pragmatic foundations show the practical limitations --- for

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