Essay on Stud Trading versus Dud Trading

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Hanging around big league traders at these trading expos is a temporary experience at best. Although you experience those high feelings, it does not last forever. What if that feeling of success could rub off on your trading performance? And even stay with you throughout your life as a Top Gun Trader?

Dud Traders often buy high-priced trading systems at these expos. These trading programs without the right mindset are marginally effective. My stepfather bought some of these systems for over $3,559.00 without improving his performance. He did not have the right mindset to use these trading systems profitably.

When you buy expensive carpentry tools at your local hardware store, you still need the correct plans to build
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Master traders do not have indecision and hesitation when it comes to their trading methodology. They trust their systems implicitly. If you do not trust your system, 90% of the time it’s because you have incorrect indicator tools. This is how you crack the code to becoming a Stud Trader: use correct indicator tools for your market.

Contrary to what you often read on the Internet about trading, you need to use indicator tools that make sense to you. Someone else’s indicator tools might be right for them, but not for you. This means that once your trading indicator tools make sense to you, the psychology of trading falls into place.

Unless you are using correct indicator tools with the right mindset, it’s like believing that every fish needs a bicycle. A fish no more needs a bicycle than traders need poor indicator tools applied with the wrong mindset.

You may not realize it yet, but you’ve just discovered the Holy Grail for trading: proven, time-tested, simple, and fail-safe way to turn yourself into a Stud Trader. Think of it as an attitude adjustment that releases you from the habitual way most traders play the market: They struggle because they lack correct indicators tools for their market.

After much soul-searching, I made an incredible discovery… I could become a Stud Trader by searching for the best indicator tools and using them in the right markets. Then the

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