Structure, Language and Characterisation of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes

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The structure language and characterisation of Conan Doyle's Sherlock

In this essay I am going to analysis and investigate the structure, language and characterisation of the detective fiction genre. Using the Sherlock Holmes stories; which combined strong fictional story lines with ruthless and clever villains; they are regarded as some of the best collection of examples of storybooks. Sherlock Holmes is a literary character, created by Arthur Conan Doyle in four novels and
56 short stories published between 1887 and 1927.

The pioneering author of the detective genre was an American writer and poet called Edgar Allan Poe. The first ever story was "Murders in
The Rue Morge". This was the first to feature the locked
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Holmes astounds Watson ,with some amazing act of deduction or clear thinking that seems almost like magic. Soon, there is a knock on the door or the message of a visiting soon to be client with a problem, or a letter or telegram arrives pleading for help, or a newspaper article that Holmes or Watson is reading prompts Holmes to go and investigate. ""A fire?" "No it seems there is a young lady in quite a state". Shortly thereafter, "The Game is Afoot!" as Holmes say. Holmes and Watson travel to the scene of the crime, either by walking or -- more usually -- via hansom cab if the crime is in
London, or by train if it is out "in the country" somewhere. "At
Waterloo we were at fortune to catch the train to Leatherhead". Holmes investigates the clues in his incomparable and scientific fashion. like Watson we are there to observe the findings, but we do not add things up like the great detective does. Others often use disguise, especially by Holmes, but occasionally. "I shall dress in disguised garments".. The "official police" are not a match for Holmes. The case is solved, often with a surprising twist. "Case of Identitiy". Holmes, in a sort of epilogue, offers up the reason of his solution.

Detective story tends to be this puzzle sort of plot-at least on with this basic pattern, Arthur Conan Doyle was able to achieve great variety in actual story plots and "problems to be solved." The
Poe-Doyle/Classic one level. The reader matches wits

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