Structural and Strategic Family Therapy Essay examples

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This paper will provide a short overview of systemic family therapy and some of its perspective with a special focus on strategic and structural therapy. Furthermore, some of the basic approaches to strategic and structural therapy will be presented.
There are many founding fathers for systemic therapy/family therapy such as Mara Selvini Palazzoli, Salvador Minuchin, Murray Bowen, and John Haley. The early demarcations between the different systemic-therapeutic directions appear as different stages of development and their elements are usually integrated in practice and belong to the basic systemic family therapy (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013).
Bowenian Family Therapy
Bowen, for example, introduced the multi-generational
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Families are considered rule-based systems whose structure is sufficiently objectively recognizable from the outside and can be influenced and targeted by skillful therapeutic interventions. Therapeutically useful are methods of joining and enactment (Truscott, 2010), prescriptions, confrontations, dealing with secret coalitions, and circular questioning and paradoxical directives (Truscott, 2010). Structural and strategic concepts focus on specific patterns of behavior but differ in their circular perspective theoretically and methodologically significantly from behavior therapy. The main protagonists of this therapy are Minuchin and Haley (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). Structural Family Therapy
Salvador Minuchin is considered the founder of the structural model (Truscott, 2010). His focus was on family structures that result from the, usually not visible, functional requirements and rules that organize the nature of the interactions of family members (Truscott, 2010). Significant is the recognition of transactional patterns, interdependence, mutual expectations, different subsystems and their way of interaction, and the presence of many kinds of boundaries (from rigid to flexible) and their effects on the social system (Goldenberg & Goldenberg, 2013). The “family map” or “relationship map” is one of the most helpful techniques and ideas in family therapy, because it serves

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