Striving for Justice for All of Humanity Essay examples

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When trying to define justice it requires one to look at the moral perspective of right and wrong but also the way society views right and wrong. One definition of justice is “judgment involved in the determination of rights and the assignment of rewards and punishments” ( In trying to understand justice, it is also important to understand human nature as well as how it responds to injustice. People tend to want vengeance or punishment for a crime against them. They believe the law should do that by establishing the rules, determining guilt, and then fixing the appropriate penalty. Problems or conflicts often come when the offender never understands the consequences of his or her actions or the victim disagrees …show more content…
God judges them by their moral choices” (91). Therefore, reasoning that only God has the authority to disperse the appropriate judgment on behalf of the wronged individual(s) expressing the community’s moral values. God does not see in shades of gray, only in black and white, but we as human beings do not have the same perspective whether we believe in God or not. This is where abuse of justice begins to be corrupted within a society. Some people believe they have the power to decide what is morally acceptable based on their own set of ideal values. Bell speaks of another author, Simone Weil, who introduces the concept “the dominion of force” or neutralizing the power of the word “power” not allowing it to control our lives. The challenge is to show the word “power” to be empty with respect to love and justice. That by rushing to preserve our individual rights, we are “forgetting” the community or that justice is about serving all of humanity (Bell 20). Unlike retributive justice, which focuses on fairness and the social contract of the society, moral responsiveness is about the human relationship and respect for the basic dignity of others (21). It is about accepting the obligation to secure one another’s rights (23). Being compassionate, caring, and treating each other equally with respect gives human beings their humanity (31). This was the belief of Socrates in the early dialogues of the great philosopher Plato. Socrates

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