Essay on Stress in the Work-Place

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Stress in the Work-Place


Over the years, stress at work has been a key topical issue to the world over. Robert C. Dailey, in his book Understanding People In Organisations, defines stress as "any demand made on the body that requires psychological or physical adjustment." The relationship between stressful events or situations, coping resources and the stress response is a complex one, in that not all people will respond to events in the same way. Reputed bodies such as the Confederation of British Industries (CBI), the Trades Union Congress (TUC), and the Department of Health have voiced their concerns on this anomaly.

1 Introduction

A broader definition, stress is an
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Some schools of thought disagree with the view that working conditions causes stress at work.

Studies conducted by CBI in 1998, brings to light the seriousness of the impact of stress in the workplace. The research[2] estimated that about 270,000 people in Britain take time off everyday because of stress. It also concluded that, at least £10.2 billion is lost each year by British Industries as a result of stress-related problems[3]. More alarming is the recent press release by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA)[4]. The summary of their findings is that, 70% of UK adults have experienced stress at work, as compared to 60% in 1999; 49 % of these people reported an increase in their stress levels from the previous year (24% in 1999). Furthermore, a report published by Gee Publishing (3rd October 1999) states that: “Stress has overtaken the common cold as the biggest cause of sickness from work. One in five companies with more than 1000 staff describe stress as a major problem.” The report continues: “Growing evidence of the impact of stress on absence levels, coupled with recent legal awards against companies seems to have made this problem too big to ignore.”

From the findings, it can be safely inferred that, the impact of stress as an organisational immorality cannot be over-emphasized. Many

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