Stress a Significant Factor in Modern Day Life Essay

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Stress is a significant factor in modern day life and has affected everybody at some point in their lives. In this essay I am going to describe and evaluate potential sources of stress and how it can affect the body, and also methods of treatment for stress. Stress is a state of arousal which triggers the ‘Fight or flight’ mechanism, which initiates when a subject experiences fear. Adrenaline is released into the blood stream which reduces reaction times, heightens the physical senses and releases a burst of energy to the muscles, making the individual temporarily physically stronger, more alert and a have a higher tolerance to pain. This process can and has saved many lives as it is an important safety mechanism that is innate to humans …show more content…
Such events are very distressing and may be a life changing stressor but usually the stress is lessened or elevated with time.

The Spinal cord and Brain (Central Nervous system) play a large role in the biology of stress. The sympathetic nervous system which is a branch of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) becomes active during a stress response, regulating much of the bodies’ physiological mechanisms which should make an organism more adaptive and responsive in their current environment. (Stress (biology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). The Hypothalamus (Located above the brains central cortex) also plays a large role in that it secretes hormones into the bloodstream having large effects upon physiological processes such as metabolism. These factors can be beneficial if these responses are justified as in the animal world, where stress usually lasts a matter of minutes or death occurs. However some people can be in a constant state of stress, where hormones are flooding the blood stream and equilibrium in homeostasis is never achievable. This is accumulative stress and can be very dangerous with severe effects to health. Constant stress like this can occur

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