Strategies to Motivate Students Essay

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Strategies to Motivate Students

In the field of education there is a broad spectrum of strategies to motivate students. Through research only a sample of the spectrum was covered, which consisted of twenty-nine sources. Four interrelated categories were created that individually provide strategies to motivate students. The four categories consist of teaching strategies to motivate students, program structure to motivate students, self-motivational strategies, and parent strategies to motivate students. All of these categories conclude that a positive environment provided by parents, school officials, and the students themselves, act to enhance a students motivational drive to succeed in the classroom.

Teaching Strategies to
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In Barbara Davis' article "Structuring the Course to Motivate Students," Davis confers alternative ways to motivate students through the structuring of a course. These entail that teachers can work from students' strengths and interests, let students have a say in what will be studied, increase the difficulty of the material as the class progresses, and vary teaching methods. The Center for Advancement of Learning web site concludes that by incorporating the student needs listed in the article into the classroom environment, it can enhance student motivation. The student needs, derived from Maslow's model of human needs, includes basic needs (food, water, sleep), security, belongings, love and self-esteem, and self-actualization. Dr. Kay Campbell identifies motivational strategies for learning in an abstract of a CE Article entitled Helping Students Begin the Process of Learning. These include demonstrating empathy toward the learner, building a positive learning environment, developing positive self concepts, establishing expectancy for success, conducting a needs assessment, creating

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