Essay on Stockbroker's Career Exploration

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Being a future master of the universe has always been a dream of mine. The opportunity of becoming a stockbroker leads to an unparalleled lifestyle cherished by numerous individuals. It is a chance to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships with customers while at the same time make them money. I have always been fond of the stock market and fascinated by the skills it requires an individual to become a stockbroker. Furthermore, the job entails a unique ability to persuade, deliver, and sell a stock for investors to buy. Since I have worked a plethora of jobs that revolve around sales and exceptional communication skills, I firmly believe that this would be the perfect fit for someone of my competence.
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This means conveying information to customers over the phone effectively while using active listening, social perceptiveness, and deductive reasoning. While performing a sales pitch to customers it is wise for a stockbroker to actively listen to what the customer is saying by providing them with your full attention, asking questions at appropriate times, not interrupting, and understanding where the customer is coming from. From here, a stockbroker should use their social perceptiveness to understand the customers reasoning and apply their judgment skills to explicate the benefits the purchase of a particular stock would have on that individual. The ability to use deductive reasoning to persuade customers to invest in a stock while acknowledging and obeying the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission will produce results that make sense.
In today’s society having a four – year bachelor’s degree is a necessity for most brokerage firms, however it is not required by all. Nevertheless, one must have working knowledge of the law, mathematics, customer service, and sales. Every trade conducted by a stockbroker to a potential investor must adhere to the legal responsibilities of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Familiarity with these legal actions can prevent illegal activities such as fraud, insider trading, misrepresentation and other violations from occurring. An understanding of mathematic proficiency in

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