Steveston Village and Deep Cove- Canadian Tourist Attractions

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Nowadays, lower mainland tourist attractions are one of the most attractive tourist destinations for people to go travel. They always locate just beside the big cities, but you can get many special things you can’t get in the big cities, such as the natural environment, local building, fresh air and peaceful feeling. Many people like to relax in the lower mainland tourist attractions at weekend. Vancouver is a city full of good lower mainland tourist attractions. Steveston Village and Deep Cove are two of the most famous lower mainland tourist attractions in Vancouver. According to the research of location, environment, and entertainment of Steveston Village and Deep Cove exhibits, we can found that both lower mainland tourist attractions …show more content…
In contrast, Deep Cove is located on the North Shore of Vancouver, where just surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers. Moreover, Steveston Village is on the junction of the ocean and river, so its fishing’s output is very large. At the turn of the twentieth century, Steveston was the busiest fishing port in the world, with fifteen salmon canneries, six hotels, numerous saloons and gambling dens, and up to fourteen windjammers simultaneously loading canned salmon for world markets. On the other hand, Deep Cove is a quiet village which is face to the Indian Arm. Although it has a dock, it is not focus on fishing. Steveston Village is a village full of fun; where as Deep Cove is a place full of tranquil.

Secondly, the environment of these two lower mainland tourist attractions also shows why, although they are good place, but attract different types of people. The environment of Steveston Village is very nice and peace. There have many marinas, where many white ships will park. The sea gulls fly leisurely and carefree in the sky. With the gentle sea breeze and the soft sun shine, people will relax heartily at this moment. Deep Cove can supply the similar environment to people, too. Furthermore, Steveston Village has many kinds of shops just as Deep Cove does. In fact, the environment is not completely the same in these two lower mainland tourist attractions. Steveston Village, with its

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