Steroids in Baseball Essay

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Steroids in baseball

Each sport has had their own issues that they battled, the national football league is currently battling the effects with concussions due to football. They recently paid current and retired players a 765 million dollar settlement agreeing to compensate victims, pay for medical exams and underwrite research. (NFL, ex-players agree to $765M settlement, 1) The National Basketball League had a big scandal back in 2007 where ex- referee Tim Donaghy admitted to betting games that he refereed including the controversial 2002 Western Conference Finals with the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Sacramento Kings in a close game but rumors spread that the referees covered the spread by calling fouls on the Kings allowing the
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Although steroids were banned in baseball in 1991, Major League Baseball implanted the drug usage rules in 2001, that bans all drugs including marijuana and other illegal substance. The penalty was fifteen games for the first offence, thirty games for the second offence, sixty games for the third offence, one full year for the fourth offence, and finally a lifetime ban from the sport with the fifth offence.(Drug Policy Timeline 1) In 2003 Steve Belcher, a Baltimore orioles pitcher, collapsed during a spring training game. In his autopsy, it was revealed that he took a drug called “ Ephedra”. Major League Baseball banned the drug quickly after his death. (Timeline 1) Later that year many famous athletes including Barry Bonds, left fielder of the San Francisco Giants, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield both players for the New York Yankees was called to the San Francisco grand jury to testify against the company Balco. None of these athletes were charged of any crimes but the owner of Balco and Bond’s personal trainer were charged of tax evasion and selling steroids without a prescription. In 2004, rumors spread of big athletes taking steroids including Bonds and Sheffield.
During the 90’s Major League Baseball saw an increased number of offence surpassing the total home runs in all other time periods in baseball history. Only three players from 1964 to 1991 hit more than fifty homeruns. These players

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