Steps into Making a Bill into Law Essay

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There are many steps in making a bill into a law. The easiest one would be drafting a bill. Anyone can draft a bill, but only a congressman can introduce the bill to legislation, and, by doing this they become the bill’s sponsor or sponsors. A member of the cabinet or the head of a federal agency can also submit an act, however only a member of congress can introduce it. After the bill is introduces it is assigned a number that begins with H.R for House of Representatives or S for Senate.
After the bill is introduced it is sent to committee. The committee isn’t forced to act on a bill, the only way for a member to get the bill out of committee to use a discharge petition. The committee may hold discussions regarding bill. The bill is
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The committee then now may either execute supplementary analysis, hold more public hearings, or they may decide to simply vote on the report from the subcommittee as is. If they decide the bill should move forward, the full committee then must prepare and vote on its final propositions to the House or Senate. When a bill has profitably passed the bill is considered reported, or ordered reported.
When a bill is reported an article describing the bill is drafted and proclaimed. The report must include the principle of the bill, its impact on existing laws, and if taxes will increase or decrease due to this bill. The report may also contain transcripts from the public hearings regarding the bill; also it may contain opinions, comments, and concerns from opposing and supporting committees. When the alterations of the other chamber change the bill, a conference committee is formed to bring together both the House and the Senate’s version of the bill. If a decision is not reached the bill dies, but both the House and Senate must approve the report that the conference committee has drafted. If the House and Senate do not agree then once again the bill may die. After both the house and the Senate concur on the bill it will be placed on the legislative calendar. Here is where the full membership will debate or “floor action” over the bill. After the bill has been agreed upon by the full membership it is sent to the president. If when the president approves of

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