Stem Cell Research Under Fire Essay

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Stem Cell Research Under Fire

Stem cell research should be continued so that it will one day lead to cures for the world's worst diseases, such as Alzhiemers, heart disease, Parkinsons, and diabetes. The stem cells are taken from a human embryo and placed in a petri dish, where scientists can manipulate them to produce whatever cells are needed (Blumenstyk, 2004). Stem cells can be used to regenerate bones, organs, tissues, and can even aid in treating such diseases as listed above. Many universities, such as Vanderbilt and Case Western, are participating in the research for two main reasons. One, to help contribute to the research to manufacture drugs to help the sickly, and two, to share in the profits of the quickly growing
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States are also trying to get in on the action of the embryonic stem cell research argument. States like California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Virginia are either supportive or against the idea. California voters supported the idea of public funding for research purposes and approved a ballot allowing for the spending of three billion dollars (Weiss, 2003). This ballot places California at the same level as such places as Sweden and Singapore, who have made stem cell research a national priority. Also, voters in California passed a proposal to create the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. This facility would be publicly funded, so it would not be subjected to the federal funding ban on embryonic stem cells. A drawback to this idea is the fact that research will only be conducted by a small number of people, says Dr. Jeffrey Dazen, who is a professor at Harvard medical school and editor in chief of New England Journal of Medicine. Acting Governor Richard Codey of New Jersey, wants to raise two hundred and thirty million dollars for research, and according to a recently conducted poll, two-thirds of the state supports his idea as well (Brush, 2005). Many states feel the need to hastily pass a bill funding the research with state budget money since California passed their bill, in fear that scientists will just pack up and move there to do research. In this fear, New Jersey and New York

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