Essay about Statement of Purpose for Biomedical Sciences

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My desire of studying biomedical sciences stems from my sciences interest, as it demonstrates a world not visible to the naked eye, plays a big role in everyday life. science specifically biology and chemistry are stimulating and challenging subjects , over the years of studying them ,my interest has increased because learning things about how our bodies function and how it relates to god’s creation is particularly interesting for me. I also find it very important because I’m Muslim. The biomedical science degree will open for me the door to learn more about the vast field of biology and its branches to a greater depth. I developed my knowledge in the science field by taking support classes in the lab at school; I was fascinated by …show more content…
It was a self-experiment and a competition between the groups, the topic was fermentation. After approximately 20 minutes one of the groups finished their experiment and it had turned out pretty good! The experiment itself was a bit hard to do because it was our first exposure to such situation and was our first self-experiment. I hate giving up so I made up my mind and distributed the tasks on use since I was the leader. We tried our best to finish it and after a lot of hard work it was finally completed. And we ended up in the third place between the groups, I was not satisfied but I accepted the fact that it was a good place since we were beginners and our first attempt at an experiment. What I went through taught me a lot, and helped me to gain confidents in myself. It also improved my communication skills and my leadership abilities, I also benefitted in conducting experiments in the lab, and specifically in biology. I had sincerely enjoyed doing it. My turning point was this moment because up until that point I had wanted to be a doctor but, I changed my mind. I set myself a goal and asserted that I would do everything in my power to pursue it. Over the summer 2013, I completed 40 volunteering hours at Hamad Medical Corporation. It was a great experience helping patients, communicating with others and getting a first-hand look at how going to work looks like. It really improved my personality and increased my social skills, I also did 10 volunteering hours

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