Stalin's Success Essays

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Stalin's Success

In 1953 Joseph Stalin died, which left Russia in deep distress because they had lost a great political leader. I feel that with out a doubt Stalin was a success and there are three points which I will study to help prove this: Was he a success in his own terms?, was he a success in the terms of Russia? And was he Success in the terms of Communism?.

. Stalin was a person you couldn't get to know personally he had friends, but many which he chose to ignore. Throughout Stalin's Reign he was very ruthless. People say there was a reason why Stalin was so ruthless and that was because he beloved wife died when they were at the peak of there marriage and this left a hole in his heart
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It was unfair to starve the farmers but this ruthless behavior, shown by Stalin was the right attitude if he wanted to change the USSR. Throughout the first five year plan Stalin wanted to produce more capital goods such as clothes, shoes, etc which were all not that needed in Russia at the time. So if feel that Stalin had of followed Bukharin's plan, which involved producing a more balanced production of goods such as railways, trackers, lorry's as well as capital goods (shoes, clothes etc). he would have succeeded a lot quicker in the five year plans. The third success was the introduction of " The Great Terror " .In 1936, Stalin produces the "Great terror", this was a plan which would diminish and clear out any opponents of the Russian policy and form a cult of Stalin. The great Terror came in Three main stages. The show trials: which Stalin set up to prove that any one who wishes to sabotage the USSR, will suffer with there lives. The Army purge: which eliminated any officer or soldier who wishes to think independently. And the set up of labour camps: which took anyone arrested by the NKVD. This mass terror was a success because it scared the people of Russia into obey Stalin

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