Essay on Sports Effects on Teen´s Health

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With television, movies, computers, video games and mobile devices becoming more and more prevalent in the everyday lives of youth and teens; living an active lifestyle is now much more important now than it has ever been before. With more and more youth and teens being sucked into the world of technology, the importance that is being placed on extracurricular activities; especially those of the athletic spectrum has declined substantially in the last few years. Sports are often used as a ‘hook’, and are used to recruit youth and teens into health and education programs. The outer physical benefits of an active lifestyle in youth and teens such as a fit figure and are obvious, and the health benefits of sports youth and teenagers are …show more content…
“There’s a lot more to sport than the idea of winning and losing and developing physical skills. Under the right conditions, youth sport can help children develop transferable personal and social skills – citizenship qualities that they’ll retain throughout their lives,” (Côté) Social development is a fundamental skill that is fostered in youth sports. Teaching youth how to handle various situations is an essential skill that youth will carry through high school and onwards into adulthood. Being able to overcome adversity in a positive manner is a key skill that both youth and teens need to develop. “At the most fundamental level, well-designed sport activities that incorporate the best values of sport – self-discipline, respect for one’s opponent, fair play, teamwork, and adherence to mutually agree upon rules – help individuals to build the values and communication skills necessary to prevent and resolve conflict in their own lives.” (UN) The social skills that are taught through youth and teen sports are skills that participants can apply to all aspects of everyday life. Participants will carry these skills with them into adulthood.

Participating in sports has a largely positive effect on one’s behavior both in and outside of

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