Spiritual Formation: A Lifetime Journey Essay

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Spiritual formation is a process that morphs as we grow and change. There is no one singular correct path this type of journey takes because each journey is as individual as the person who is experiencing it. Most obvious, the journey will be different from those who identify as religious and those who do not and will diversify with in each category. For example, the spiritual journey a Buddhist takes will be different from that of a believer in Judaism or Christianity. In fact, the journey will continue to diversify between Christians, male and female, age groups, even by demographic location. Consequently, the spiritual formation process is as diverse as it is intricate and we may never be able to discover all the journey options. …show more content…
Throughout our journey outside support is necessary by providing a safe harbor, offering inspiration and encouragement as well as guidance through difficult or unknown circumstances all while remaining Christ focused (Ashbrook, 2009). Either as a member of someone else’s spiritual community or being the person of intent we are all called by God to be active members of the community. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17, New International Version). Because of Christ, we can be near God, because of this our actions, words, and thoughts reflect His love and in return, as He guides and supports us, we too, should guide and support others. Unquestionably, the Bible is the primo source of information on both Christianity and spirituality. However, this sacred text sometimes needs a little clarification to be wholly interpreted in modern understanding. Clarification can come from church, community (spiritual and Christian), and even from individual exploration on all the encompassing topics. The concept of spiritual formation as previously discussed is persona and individual. Looking to others experiences for guidance is one tool a journeyman may use to understand further their own experience. The heart of Ephesians (3:16-19) is the apostle Pauls’ prayer for others to be blessed during the process of spiritual formation. In a similar convention, John Bunyan authored The Pilgrim’s Progress, giving life to his own

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