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Today, students are separated into many categories, one of which is special education; the students under this label are likely to model “atypical” behavior rather than “typical” behavior. Defining and distinguishing these behaviors is what creates the special education process; evaluating and viewing each student individually and taking into consideration the individuals strengths and weaknesses. Special education is a broad term used to describe many children on a spectrum. The general term

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There are many different therapies that can be used to help in special education; focusing primarily on individuals suffering with intellectual disabilities, therapies used to help these individuals will be discussed. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Music therapy, Equine-Assisted Therapy, Play Therapy, and Assistive Technology will be discussed and compared to see which kinds of therapies are the best for certain types of intellectual disabilities.

Special education is individualized to address a student’s individual needs. This means that, special education is education that is individually developed to address a specific child’s needs that result from his or her disability. Special education is not solely based on the classroom it can also be based in a number of settings, for example, in the home, hospitals, and institutions. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal legislation that formally classifies students in the public school systems, providing a legal basis for the current special education services provided in public schools (Smith, 2011. p.5). In IDEA special education is defined as “specially designed instruction, at no cost to the parents, to meet the unique needs of a child with disability” special education is also “instruction conducted in the classroom, in the home, in hospitals and institutions, and in
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