Sound Deprivation in Advanced Composite Structures Essay

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Sound Deprivation in Advanced Composite Structures

Since the invention of the radar in WWII there have been many attempts to hide war ships such as planes, boats, submarines, excetra. From radar and by doing this these war ships have had their designs changed so that they have given up aerodynamics all together and because of this ships have traded in speed and mobility for stealth until now. With the invention of the composite carbon fiber and glass reinforced laminates and polyurethane treatments ships from all categories are now utilizing this and other composite materials as a way to develop and manufacture advanced composite materials which are specified for a diverse range of applications for naval and aeronautic forces
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New developments include constrained layer damping and free layer damping variants for reduced noise generation from turbulent boundary layer effects on all Swiftsure and Trafalger (S & T) class submarines.

Another type of composite that is being used is acoustic materials design which includes material development testing and verification for energy absorbing anechoics, reflective transmission loss and decoupling materials and acoustically transparent RHO-C polyurethane systems.
Predictive programs for acoustic requirements using TRANS, which is a software system to optimize acoustic material performance and multi-layer designs for acoustic treatments, arrays and baffles that are used in damping sound within the tight spaces and confines within a ship and will deter sound from being detected from other sources as far as for security and secrecy and moving about without detection,There is also a process called signature reduction and target strength reduction called TSR that is applied Using acoustic tiles or directly applied acoustic materials by casting and spraying techniques, that consist of mixing a two part a and b mixture of liquid polyurethane that when mixed together and heated by an element in the hose that it is sprayed from it can be sprayed uniformally to a surface and will harden up .this process will not

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