Essay about Sopranos and the Perpetuated Mafiosi Image

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The Sopranos and the Perpetuated Mafiosi Image

A life of organized crime, fancy cars, machine guns, beautiful women, money, power and family; these are the images that have perpetuated the associations of Italian-Americans with the Mafia in film and television for decades. It is in this traditional Godfather fashion that the HBO hit series The Sopranos continues to perpetuate this stereotypical image into the 21st century. From classic films like The Godfather and Goodfellas, to miniseries events like Bella Mafia and The Last Don, to the dramatic series The Sopranos, Italian-Americans have traditionally been portrayed as gangsters and mobsters and have been seen living the lives of organized criminals. Italian-Americans and the Mafia
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In its first season, The Sopranos was nominated for 16 Emmys. But what are audiences taking from this popular dramatic series? What allure does this show have the keeps families drawn to their televisions for one commercial-free hour every Sunday night? It is a part of the same allure that made Mario Puzo's The Godfather a 1969 best seller and Francis Ford Copppla's Godfather trilogy a classic. It is the appeal of the exciting life of crime and the aura of the glorified outlaw. In traditional Mafia-movie fashion, The Sopranos glorifies a life of murder, drugs, infidelity, crime and betrayal as glamorous. Tony Soprano has money, power, control, influence and respect. The Sopranos sensationalizes the Mafia lifestyle, creating an appealing image that draws the viewer in and leaves them wanting to know more. It creates a window to a way of life that has traditionally been surrounded by an untouchable aura of glamour, danger, excitement and prestige.
Despite the sensationalism and glorification of the mobster's life, most viewers are able to take more than just this dominant reading of the Mafiosi-portrayal. A negotiated reading results from the oppositional and dominant perspectives that can be assumed by viewers of the series. While viewers see many aspects of life on The Sopranos as enchanting and attractive, the series successfully shows viewers some aspects of the harsh realities of organized crime. Not only does Tony have the power to reward

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