Sonny’s Blues and Ray Charles Essay

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Everyone has their own definition of the word dream. The meaning of dream to me is being indubitable or passionate about what it is that I would like to do. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, two of the definitions of dream is, “a strong desired goal or purpose,” and “something that fully satisfies a wish.” “Sonny’s Blues” is a story about two brothers who has took their own direction in life, but also trying to find the meaning of their lives. The short story “Sonny’s Blues” and the musician Ray Charles chart the lives of aspiring musicians facing distractions of poverty and family difficulties as they try to reach their impossible dreams. In “Sonny’s Blues” there are two main characters the narrator, whom we do not know …show more content…
She was so scared for him, she started to yell at him, and told him how much her family is scarifying for him (Baldwin 109). Symbolizing how she also disagreed with his dream of becoming a jazz musician. Sonny soon realized how his brother and Isabel’s family did not understand him, did not appreciate the music and how it was rescuing him from life. So he left Isabel’s house and joined the military.
Ray Charles had some similarities as well dealing with people in his life not believing in his dreams. When Ray Charles was four years old his brother died. His brother name was George and he was not that much older than Ray. They were playing in the hot summer and there was a tub full of water for rising. Ray and George loved splashing in the water and playing like they were swimming. So Georgie climbed in the tub and Ray saw him kicking his legs, hooting and hollering. Then he suddenly he realized he wasn’t playing anymore. He was in trouble; Ray started screaming “Mama” and ran to the house. His brother passed around that day (Charles & Ritz 12-13). Ray felt like his brother’s death was his fault. This was one of the last things he had seen before he went blinded. Ray Charles started to lose his sight at the five, but at the age of seven he went completely blind. He was sent to the State School for the Blind in St. Augustine. When Ray was eight years old he never thought about

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