Something Is Not Right Essay

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"You have problems, huh? What kind of problems?" asked a man who appeared in front of Kakashi; the man was a member of the leaf's ANBU black ops.

"Well, I have reason to believe that he's far more dangerous than we originally thought, Takeo Susumu is not what he appears..." answered Kakashi.

"W-what are you saying?" said the ANBU black ops member in surprise.

"Takeo Susumu or Doctor Gero as a girl who my team met called him is far more than just a thief..." said the grey haired ninja in response before being interrupted by the black ops member.

"Wait a girl? Who is she and how does she know about him?" asked the man.

"While separated from my team, they met a girl named Pan as she was fighting with the man in question, she's a martial
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"Yes I do, but it may surprise you...! Have a look at this" answered Kakashi before tossing the android Doctor's severed hand toward the black ops member.

After catching the android doctor's hand, the man study it, at a glance he began to notice how advance its technology was, "what, this is... ...this is not what I think it is?" said the man in shock.

"Yes, I'm afraid it is, that's his..." said Kakashi trying to answer the man's question before being interrupted by the ANBU black ops, "what, you mean this is really his hand... ...this is impossible, this means he's not even human or at least not anymore, how in the world did you get your hands on this..." replied the man.

"Well, I managed to cut it off him when I broke free after he grabbed hold of me" said the grey haired man.

"This is far ahead of anything we have... ...nothing even comes close to this" said the ops member out loud studying the palm.

"Now, have a look at the centre of the hands palm..." said Kakashi asking the ANBU black ops to look at palm, as he search the palm the ops members instantly noticed a device embedded in the centre, "you mean this, it seems to look like some type of lens..." said the ANBU member before asking Kakashi another question " you know what kind of purpose it serves?" he asked.

"I believe its main purpose is to absorb Chakra or more accurately the Spiritual Energy used to form Chakra" answered the grey haired ninja.

"How is that possible?

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