Solving the Foreclosure Crisis Essay

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As a high school senior, I have had the opportunity to review and apply for several college scholarships, in advance of beginning the next step of my education. This scholarship topic and essay was of great interest to me, as it affects not only my family but a great many families, in our country. As an eighteen year old with no work experience with the exception of babysitting and volunteer work through the school district and the hospital my Mother is employed at. I wondered how I would answer this complicated question and write an essay that offers a solution to such a complex problem. My decision and best option was to ask questions and listen to people that I interact with daily. I found out very fast that to just ask a question about …show more content…
He also has become a casualty of the economy becoming totally unemployed, more than a year ago, with no real prospect for employment at this point. I have seen other families loose everything and become homeless. However, he and my mother find a way every day to keep us going, paying the bills and looking for the up side while going check to check with sometimes having only two to three dollars left between my Mother’s pay checks. They don’t ask for help and they budget write down to the last cent. We discussed what I had heard and learned. The suggestion was made to consider what started the problem and the solution would become obvious.
What started the problem? As I am unable to go beyond 2500 words with this essay, the shortest answer is our United States Government and its elected officials. Many would argue that it is the economy and be correct to some extent adding to the list corporate policies, the financial industry and the people that run them. However, we have a government that has shown two faces. They say and preach one thing, while doing another, assuming the general public is too dumb to notice or care. It is also an unreasonable greed and lust for money and profits within these industries that has gone totally unchecked for decades by our government, putting us on the brink of another Great Depression. Sadly, our economy is a mess from the ground up and the people

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