Solving an Ethical Dilemma at Work Essay

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Describe an ethical problem you have encountered or might encounter in your workplace. How would you approach the problem and reach a decision to solve it?

Business ethics defines how a company integrates core values - such as honesty, trust, respect, and fairness - into its policies, practices, and decision-making. Business ethics also involves a company's compliance with legal standards and observance to internal rules and regulations. Business ethics is, in part, the attempt to think clearly and deeply about ethical issues in business and to arrive at conclusions that are supported by strongest possible arguments.

Ethics is concerned with how a moral person
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Team leaders must master a broad range of business talents and also qualities such as team leadership, setting up weekly goals and overall management of the team. Successful team leaders must equip their organizations with the strategies, structures, and personnel to compete in a constantly changing environment. There can be a number of ethical dilemmas arising during the course of work. Let us discuss my role as a team leader and what problems I faced and how I encountered the problems and made decisions.

Just got promoted, as a team leader working with entirely new team members and handling altogether a new project was a challenge. The project was to build up an application on the server for a computer hardware company for recording all daily sales and purchase transactions and also record distributors information in the database. Before the start of the project , I arranged for the teams to gather several times so we could become acquainted with each other and understand each member's area of expertise. After investigating all of the members' skills, I created teams from small groups of volunteers, carefully distributing teammates so that their skills were equally divided among groups.

After a close study of the project, I found that one of my

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