Solutions to the Church Music Controversy Essay

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Solutions to the Church Music Controversy

There are many different approaches churches are taking to solve the controversial issue of the use of instrumental accompaniment to singing and contemporary ways of worshiping in churches. Contemporary churches are encouraging the use, whereas traditional churches are preaching against the use and are educating the people of their churches with what God and the Bible say about music. Some churches that use instruments in their services are holding different services for different types of audiences, like one for the elderly that will use the more traditional songs and hymns, and then another for the youth, or divorced, or the single people, or the married. Then there are those who say
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If for every time the service includes a concert and live singing, what will happen when we take them away? People will undoubtedly leave the church, which means that they were coming to it for the wrong reasons anyway.

Writer Joe Ed Furr suggests that song leaders should try “working around tradition” in his article for the Christian Homesite web page, “Working Around Tradition.” This is his solution, and where to start this work is during communion. He states, “Many church members feel it is wrong to sing during the moments when the Lord’s Supper is being served, but tradition asserts that we must have absolute silence when we are partaking of the bread and the fruit of the vine.” He says: Why not sing, “most people will not object to singing a song between the serving of the bread and the serving of the cup…Creative thinking can open doors to song service options that will bring freshness and variety into a traditional service without causing unnecessary controversy.”

What Furr fails to acknowledge are the reasons in which we take the Lord’s Supper. Paul, in his explanation to the people of Corinth, writes that we do this in remembrance of Jesus. He also states exactly what we ought to be thinking while we partake of this Supper.

“A man aught to examine himself before he eats the bread and drinks of the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without recognizing the body of the Lord eats and

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