Solution Focused Brief Therapy Essay

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Solution Focused Therapy

Introduction Solution Focused Brief Therapy is a unique approach to therapy that neither focuses on the past nor the future but on what is possible now. SFBT is a post modern approach to therapy that became popular in the 1960's and 70s based on the theory that posits small progress can lead to long term change. This approach was created by...creatorsThe clients and the counselor collaborate to establish realistic goals that can be reached in a relatively short period of time. The counselor works to create an environment where clients can be honest. SFBT believe that analyzing problems is not needed in the process of change. Behavior change is seen as an integral part of change in clients therapeutic process.
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De Shazer set forth three ways in which clients may present themselves in relation to the counselor during a therapy session. He named each ^ according to the behaviors he observed including customer, complainant and visitor. The visitor is compelled to go to therapy by someone in her life. The visitor has not internal motivation for being in therapy and until this changes the client wont change. Clients who enter therapy willing to share a problem but are unwilling to take responsibility for for any part is known as the complainant. They believe that someone else is obligated to take action that will lead to the solution to their problem. The most effective attitude a client could have is that of the customer who works with the counselor in identifying a problem then actively endeavors to personally reach that goal.
What is the counselors role? counselors using SFBT begin with the mindset that their clients can change and will change with their positive help and guidance. In order to better assist the client. counselors create the environmental condition of oppeness during the beginning session by allowing the client to freely express themselves and their hopes for therapy. The counselor specifically asks the client what they want to be changed. Fishing for strengths and resilience.
Compliments are used to validate what they client is already doing well. It is best to quote and magnify the clients words. When determining the goal counselor

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