Socialism and Ideas Associated with the Movement in Relation to those of Romanticism

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Socialism and Ideas Associated with the Movement in Relation to those of Romanticism

Although diverging in opinion on many topics and in many areas, Romanticism was as much an idea as it was a building block for Socialism. Romanticism developed after the French Revolution of 1789, and was influencial to Socialist icon Karl Marx’ ‘Communist Manifesto’. This was the leading piece of literature for the socialist/communist movement that followed. This was a period of social unrest where people and communities looked into the feasibility of socialist ideologies. A system of social organization which advocated the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production, capital, land
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For this to be successfully attained in any society, a revolution with three main stages is indispensable. Firstly the emergence of a workers movement committed to making Socialism work. Next they need to attain political power followed by a period during which workers learn to be owners and rulers and cast-off the psychological and ideological dross of the past. The final result being a classless cooperative commonwealth in every nation of the world. Socialism has idolized with excessive emotional attachment the Romantic notion of revolution. It is seen amongst followers as the end of all the world’s evil and the beginning of everything good, this stems form their need of a great change or movement to infiltrate all of society.

Socialist Revolutions have occurred from the critique of many different fields including literature, art, law and religion all ampely scrutinized by the Romantics. Romantics began this criticism which then turned to society, the ensuing study of the French and English Revolurions and their social class struggle lead to thoughts of Socialism and the theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

However Romantic and Socialist revolutions have often ignored crucial questions about the justification of such a movement in which masses of innocent people will be killed and the whole society suffers. Although, this didn’t stop

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