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Just like the internet changed how we buy goods, research information or organize trips, it also changed the way we interact socially. Social media has become the means by which people can exchange photos and videos, share news, and stories, create blogs with their innermost feelings, and overall participate in online discussions. More than that, social media gives companies, governments or simple individuals to interact with enormous numbers of people.
This essay will give a short overview of the evolution of social media, look at how it affects social interaction paradigms and see what kind of potential it can have socially and economically.
What is Social Media?
The terminology “social media” points to a wide range of
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Firstly we can talk about the issue of persistence, that is to say that a big part of the content created or posted on social media sites will most probably remain there permanently. Secondly the issue of replicability and searchability should also be considered. Because of social media content can now be either copied then shared in an instant or it can easily be found using various online search engines. Lastly, also important, is the characteristic of accessibility; basically social media can be used anytime and anyplace as long as there is an internet connection available.
Even if the above mentioned three attributes do shape the way in which social interaction works online, there is a fourth aspect we should consider. Users of social media will usually realize that by using such services they acquire a trait of invisibility – so to say – as in it is very difficult to know who has read your contents and what was the motive behind the content. There have been times when large companies used social media sites to promote their products by using fake blogs or sponsored stories.
The impact that social media has had has been tremendous. Nowadays 50% of people learn about breaking news from social media while 65% of traditional media

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