Social Justice: The Role of Higher Education, Criminality and Race

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The ways in which our society envisions higher education, criminality and race have been an ongoing challenge throughout history. The current views on these matters have been changing as time passes by and has greatly progressed. Unfortunately, some views still remain slightly the same. These views have only been reinvented to keep up with the times. How do the views of higher education, criminality and race interrelate to my personal experience at the State University? My experience at the State University, the concept of higher education, criminality and race all contribute social justice by allowing individuals to realize their full potential. Through communication of our overall goal to improve society, we can enable more individuals …show more content…
My admission to the school was a shock to everyone and is one of the most honorable accomplishments of my life so far. It really shows that one cannot let the opinions of others dictate the opinion they have of themselves. Nursing is one of the oldest professions that provided women employment in the health care field. A well renowned British woman by the name of Florence Nightingale was the first to pilot nurses onto the war front in a battle in 1854 in Britain and was the first to set up nursing schools in British Hospitals (UPA School of Nursing 4). In the United States, major nursing organizations were formed in the United States such as the American Nurses association and the National League and these groups followed in Nightingale’s footsteps during the early 19th century forming about 800 nursing schools in the country (UPA School of Nursing 4). The first university to form a college just for the profession of nursing was established in 1910 at none other than the State University (American nursing 7). Though the nursing field was rapidly growing, conflict remained. A prodigious amount of tension between the medical physicians and the nurses occurred in the workplace as the physicians felt as if they needed to remind the nurses that they were superior and more educated. The quality of education for the nurses

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