Essay on Social Influences on Family Formation

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It wasn’t that long ago that two people formerly had very little say in their mate selection. That major decision was left up to their parents, specifically those of the woman. Oh, how times have changed. Today, a couple sometimes doesn’t even seek the approval of their parents and their personal preferences take precedence. However, the early stages of family formation can be affected by many things in society. The three earliest stages, consisting of dating, including the emergence of the hook-up culture, cohabitation and marriage are often affected heavily by race, social class or socioeconomic status, and gender. In this paper I will be analyzing how each of these social aspects affects each of the early stages of family formation …show more content…
This statement by Allen suggests that hooking up is no longer only accepted during the college years. As the dating world evolves, it is becoming more widely accepted for post-college adults to engage in hooking up. Initially hooking up was thought to be just a fad and something college-aged adults would grow out of. As time has passed, it has become evident that despite being sometimes looked down upon, the hook-up culture of today’s society is not going away (Blow, 2008). This means even though some people think it is unacceptable to engage in hooking up and wish that it would go away, people are still choosing to use it as an initial method to express romantic interest. Hooking up does however, appear to have one disadvantage in terms of gender. For men, hooking up with many women seems to earn him praise among his peers and make him the so-called ‘big man on campus’ or a ‘player’ among his friends. It is almost as if men make a game out of seeing who can bring home the best looking women each weekend. However, in a woman’s case, if she were to be less inhibited when it comes to her sexuality and engages is hook-ups with several men, she would often be considered a ‘slut’ and looked upon in a negative light. Moving forward, dating and what is considered acceptable is significantly influenced by race, social class and gender. Race has affected dating greatly when taking into account societal

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