Social Impact on College Students Essay

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Social Media has become a very essential tool in the society; in addition, it has a huge impact on communication and learning process. Social media is defined as websites and applications used for social networking. “As of September 2013, seventy-one percent of online adult use Facebook, eighteen percent use Twitter and seventeen percent use Instagram, twenty-two percent use PInterest, and another twenty-two percent use LinkedIn. (PewReasearch, 2013). In addition, "Between February 2005 and August 2006, the use of social networking sites among young adult internet user ages eighteen and twenty-nine jumped from nine percent to forty-nine percent. The usage of social media had grown drastically.” On social media sites like these, users may …show more content…
So much time is wasted because they are distracted by social media and spend less time working. As Nauert (2013) stated “Investigator determined that use of media-from texting to chatting on cell phones to posting status update on Facebook- may lower grades for freshman female students (p.1). Grades is highly impact by social media, Nauert stated that “given the popularity of social networking and mobile technology, it seems unlikely that educators will be able to reduce students’ use of there media forms”(2013,p.1) Multitasking affects the focus a student needs to get a good grade or understand a subject. “Electronic media use among university students and underscore that such use can produce both positive and negative consequences. It can distract from academic success” (Jacobsen, 2011).
To add, social media also impact college student's interactions skills. The way people communication has changed a great deal. Before social networking, such as Facebook, people use to talk face to face and have an open conversation, but now that technology advanced and we can IM, send email and messages communication in person has decreased. Stated by Nauert, “researcher also believe the findings demonstrate the central role of social media in the lives of

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