Social Exclusion of the Aboriginal Population of Australia Essay

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Another issue which commonly affects the Aboriginal population, inhibiting the experience of good health, is culture clash which consistently lead to social exclusion and societal assimilation. Urquhart (2009) identifies social exclusion as the fourth of ten social determinants of health and is often a result of culture clash. It is very important to recognise that culture clash is a cultural issue which gives rise to certain discrepancies that highly influence Aboriginal health. These discrepancies are complex and interspersed factors such as ethnocentrism, segregation and oppression, which all result in the social exclusion and societal assimilation of Aboriginals. Ethnocentrism is described as the tendency to view one’s own culture …show more content…
Furthermore, as Urquhart (2009) states, where hardship is present social exclusion costs lives. However, the effect of ethnocentrism does not halt there, in many cases, especially this one, it also leads to oppressions. According to Daly, Speedy and Jackson (2009) oppression occurs when the rules, modes and ideals of one group are imposed on another group. Oppression usually results in assimilation, that is, when individuals that belong to a minority group are immersed by a dominant culture and thus take on the traits of the dominant culture (Healy, 2008). As a result of oppression Aboriginal throughout Australia were quickly forced to assimilate into European mainstream culture. As a result, with their inability to engage in traditional behaviours and practices, the denial of their culture and oppression of their people, Aboriginals were required to adapt to life in European society, something their own society was unable to comprehend. Quickly, the health of indigenous people deteriorated as they were segregated and oppressed by the ethnocentric powers. In order to rectify the damage previously done, it is here where reconciliation must occur, where European society must apologise for the

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