Social Ethics Essay

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Social responsibility begins centuries ago when people realized that living in a community and that is why their decisions affect others. We have considered a pluralistic society is one that accepts, recognizes and tolerates the existence of different positions or thoughts and that is why we must always look for a common welfare laws governing society to find a balance that benefits all its members.

However throughout history we can find times in which the common good prevailed and where instead of this first special interests of a few, one of these times is called the industrial revolution in which the former arise companies that demonstrated the lack of social responsibility to the community where farm workers were objects of women
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We can not see corporations or enterprises as a tool simply economic, they must have a more complete social engagement that could eventually benefit both parties: the company and the company itself.

It is no secret how companies and corporations have a large impact on society may be positive or negative and in turn may contribute to the solution of different issues surrounding our society or you can get to increase them.

Many of these impacts are not predetermined by the companies or organizations but arise as a consequence of the first goals were to achieve silver, but that these are intended or not companies are responsible for these.
Employers must have the ethical and moral enough to refuse to undertake any activity that may affect society
"Sooner or Later Will Come to Regard Society Any Impact Such as an attack on ITS Integrity and will exact a high price from Those Who Have Not Worked Responsibly on Eliminating the Impact or on Finding a solution to the problem"
But it can happen that a company flatly refuses to change the course of the activities that are detrimental to society because he thinks he is the only way to obtain greater profits. But the problem arises when they are hurt and that society demands these companies for their poor decisions and forcing through laws and fines to

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