Social Economics and Higer Education Essay

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Social economics plays a key role in the United States, as well as many other countries, and tend to be the ultimate deciding factor in who goes on to get a college education or who will get left behind and sent to work. We are now in an era where education is a must have quality to get a good paying job, we do not take into consideration the lives changed by attending a college or university. In the United States we are blessed with opportunities to obtain a higher education directly out of high school; though it’s harder for those who comes from a lower class family. It also becomes an issue for students who were born and raised in the United States but are undocumented. As citizens living and going to a university in America we do not …show more content…
The families settle for colleges where the student could potentially fall behind because he was not prepared. He may feel like he was just good enough in high school to earn him a place in a university where he could potentially graduate after two years, but is not entirely happy with the job he has selected because he did not have very many options to choose from. For many families in America, no one in the family has sought out a college education, therefore, the student would be the first in their family to do so, mainly because their families could not afford it. First generation students, the first in their family to go to college, tend to be from poorer families. “Parental income for first-generation college students is $33,000 less than for third-generation students and the GPA of first-generation students is nearly one-half points lower than third-generation students on a seven-point scale.” (Gonzalez 99). Most students who are first-generation students tend to be from families who are not as financially stable as those who are from third-generation. Third-generation students are students who had at least one parent who attended college and graduated with at least a bachelor’s degree or higher. The first-generation hails from a lower economic region as well, this could be inferred due to the lower GPA, the

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