Social Commentary in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell Essay

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Social Commentary in Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

The play, Blood Brothers by Willy Russell, is a twisted tale of two brothers born on the same day and from the same womb, yet they live in two entirely different worlds.

In the scene with Russell Eddie and Mickey meeting for the first time. At first Mickey is suspicious of Eddie, (Mickey – “hello” suspiciously), but at that innocent age they talking and quickly bond. Eddie is well-mannered in all his ways – “ill look it up in the dictionary” and says “pardon”. This shows Eddie has a polite comportment in his speech– “ill looks it up in the dictionary” and says “pardon”. This shows Eddie is well educated and polite because of his wealth.
However, Mickey isn’t and Eddie is
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When Mickey and
Eddie go to Mickey’s house, and Mrs Johnstone first sees Eddie, she is shocked and their relationship is threatened as she quickly parts them from each other. This distresses Mickey and he gets very upset when they leave the presence of each other. Mickey – “Eddies my best friend mam, he lives up by the park an’ ….but I’ve done nothing”. He feels resentful he’s being punished by not being allowed to see Eddie.

The scene where Eddie comes back from university is very important because it depicts the harsh realities, which Russell is trying to show. In Act 4, Scene 2 the difference in class becomes more apparent.
Eddie returns at Christmas from university while Mickey is struggling to provide a living for his family. The "brotherly bond" between them seems to have disappeared. This is because on Eddie's return, Mickey seems to just ignore him and give short, clipped answers which shows that something is wrong, "good", "ok", "come on where?". This gives the impression that Mickey is jealous of Eddie, as he has been away furthering his education and going to parties and meeting new people.
When Eddie was away doing that, Mickey was looking for a job but with no success, "been walking around all day, every day, looking for a job" also Eddie has a lack of empathy because he doesn’t understand
Mickey's situation As he doesn't have a

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