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Everyone has experienced the late night movie marathon, the extensive studying prior to final exams, and the staying up all night letting the mind wander. These one night, every once in a while habits can become routine if not monitored by the individual. Sleep is essential to one’s overall well-being and the consequences to not receiving adequate sleep is extensive. These occasional habits occur more often than one would believe. Studies from and have shown a

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This does not include the 40,000 non-fatal accidents each year. Many physical ailments caused by insufficient sleep tend to be non-fatal, however, these ailments include an increase in illnesses. A group of scientists of Harvard Studies determined that sleep deprivation increases the body’s levels of inflammatory mediations. This causes a decrease in one’s ability to resist infections and increases the chance of illness. On average, people who get less than seven hours of sleep are more likely to get a cold. Those who receive less than five hours of sleep have an increased chance of developing various non-communicable diseases that could lead to death (Divison of Sleep Medicine, 2008). These illnesses affect the everyday lifestyles of all people. From students missing school or class to factory lines being readjusted, illnesses cause road blocks in communities. Students who miss school have a significantly more difficult time with completing various assignments. Students who miss an excessive amount of school days have a less likely chance of graduating. This decreases graduation rates in communities and has the potential of an increase in unemployment rates. Physical ailments caused by sleep deprivation are amongst the more minimal consequences of negative sleep habits.
Mentally and emotionally, negative sleep habits can cause significant issues. Children who do not have a consistent
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