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The session initiation protocol (SIP) is emerging as standard protocol for session control in Next generation voice over internet protocol (VoIP) As it is based on IP it is vulnerable to all IP related threats . Among all the attacks, flood-based denial of service DoS attack is one of the main threats to SIP. Several solutions regarding prevention of DoS are discussed. Efficient Security scheme is proposed for batter performance.


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) [1] is signaling protocol given by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for IP telephony. Moreover, the 3rd generation partnership program (3GPP) has chosen SIP as a signaling protocol in IP multimedia subsystem
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The use of malicious SIP messages is also a possibility and can cause unauthorized access or Denial of Service (DoS).
SIP based VoIP system is vulnerable to SIP flooding attacks. The reason for this is:

• Memory exhaustion:

The received SIP requests needs to be copied in the proxy’s internal buffer to be processed, and these messages will be kept at least until the last ACK message is sent to terminate the call setup handshake.
During a SIP flooding attack, the SIP proxy server will copy all spoofed SIP requests to its buffer, thus causing DoS due to memory exhaustion.

• Processing resource exhaustion:

SIP Proxy server will process the saved requests. Processes involve could be authenticating or destination address lookups. If huge amount of sip request are flooded at SIP proxy server, Exhaustion of processing resource could be made, resulting in a DoS attack.

• Bogus terminate:
This is an attack against availability. Attackers can issue counterfeit BYE or CANCEL messages to SIP proxy for tearing down sessions as shown in Fig. As shown in figure 2 that A and B were having a media session with each other and then their call was terminated by attacker by just sending a BYE massage.

Figure2. Ref [3]

• Voice trapping: This is an attack against confidentiality .Voice over IP traffic is sent on the IP network

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