Silent Cries of Somali Women: The Prevention Of Female Genital Circumcision in Somalia

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Around the world, the World Health Organization has estimated about 130 million women and girls have undergone Female Genital Circumcision (Cummings and Parrot 71) with areas like Somalia having been ranked one of the areas with the highest occurrence of the practice still being conducted today. The practice of Female Genital Circumcision should be prohibited in parts of the world such as Somalia because through investigations done by the World Health Organization and other organizations the “traditional/religious practice” has resulted in long-term health complications in women such as infertility. The lack of detail surrounding the actual origins of the practice in Somalia has become one of the main reasons behind the ritual’s scrutiny. …show more content…
One problem is that researchers are unable to determine when Female Circumcision was first performed in Somalia though there have been recorded occasions. An example, was an instance in reported by Dos Santos in1609 that documented a group of females from Mogadishu, Somalia that had a custom of “sewing up their females” (Mackie 6). The main problem with determining the history of Female Circumcision is that there is no official reason describing where it began however there have been some theories’ that have been argued. One belief suggests that Somalia may have adapted it believing it originated in Egypt and embraced by the Europeans as a way of spreading cultural customs. Taher states that the practice was used a pre-marital ritual which is also why Somali women prepare themselves for when having the procedure done. There are texts that provide information about an ancient Egyptian papyrus describing the operation of Female Circumcision in detail and a female mummy from the sixteenth century B.C., show signs of a Clitoridectomy (Taher 306). However, there are some issues with the story; earlier it was documented by Taher that an ancient Egyptian female mummy had signs of a Clitoridectomy but other documents will claim that there is no prove of mummies ever having the procedure. Even if one could make claim that it may have originated from Egypt there is still no exact relation that can

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