Should Women Have the Right to make the Decision? Essay

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Should Women Have the Right to make the Decision?

Abortion: Should women have the right to make that decision?

According to Planned Parenthood, “Abortion is a way to end pregnancy. Sometimes, an embryo or fetus stops developing and the body expels it. This is called spontaneous abortion or "miscarriage."

A woman can also choose to end a pregnancy. This is called induced abortion. There are three ways it can be done — with medicine, vacuum aspiration, or surgery”(Parenthood).

Abortion has been a part of our country for many years, but it has only been a hot topic for debate for the last twenty-five years.

As far as how long abortion has been around for that is an interesting question.
According to some historians, abortion
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They “believe that abortion is murder plain and simple”(kirkeby). They believe that an embryo has the right to a chance at life regardless of what the circumstances are that brought about the fetus’s conception or the environment that it will live in when it is born. This group of people does not believe that a fetus should be aborted even if there is a real threat to the life of the baby or the mother. In fact, here is a quote by one woman that takes it as far her wanting to die to provide a life for her unborn child while at the same time she condemns people that are pro choice claiming that they have no love in their hearts for children. “In a case that the birth would be life threatening towards the mother, personally, I would give up my life for my child. That is love! How can a person put themselves before their children?”(Kirkeby) These people are classified into the Pro-life group because they adamantly believe that the child has a right to life regardless of the possible negative outcomes that could come from the baby being born.

The next individuals we need to talk about are the ones that believe women should have the right to have an abortion if one is necessary. They believe that there are some circumstance were it would be in the best interest for everyone involved if they had the choice to have an abortion if one is needed. These people are also religious they are mothers and fathers just like your pro-life group. These people understand that

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