Should the NFL Be Responsible to Long Term Injuries to Players?

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The National Football League was developed to let players exhibit their talents on a high level. Giving the opportunity to play in the NFL is truly a blessing. These players receive millions of dollars and endorsements for what they can do on the football field. Sometimes there many injuries throughout the season and the players are able to return. Injuries like concussions can lead to long term brain damage and even death after a player’s career. Many feel that the
NFL should be responsible for the long term illnesses associated with playing the sport. The
NFL should not be responsible for long term injuries and mental conditions that professional football players suffer from, players should protect themselves at all cost
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The Associated Press performed a survey in 2009, about 20% of football players admitted that they have come clean about their head injuries and symptoms so they wouldn’t miss games and practices. Studies have shown that players do not always tell medical staff about symptoms they may be experiencing just so they can return to the game. The research I conducted, proves that
NFL players simply turn the other way when it comes to their head injuries. Playing the game of football, there is always a chance of getting injured and the level of danger is increased every time a player decides to step on the field. Professional football players have to assume some type of responsibility and they know the risk associated with the game of football. So I ask again, why the NFL should be held responsible for players who do not take matters in to there own hands when it is about their health? Throughout the years the NFL has advanced in making the game safer for the players, starting with the equipment. In the NFL many players use older helmets for comfort, which causes a problem because the technology is outdated. State of the art helmets may protect one football player one way and not protected another in the same matter, while it may not because everyone has different body types so the equipment must suit the needs of the individual. Equipment like chin straps and mouth guards are used to prevent concussions, but they are very

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