Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished? Essay

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People make bad decisions that can lead to serious consequences daily, and how they are punished by the law changes for each crime. In an article posted by The Guardian in 2011, they report that after the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976, “1,264 people have been executed in America” (Rogers). This number may be alarming to some that are against capital punishment, but anticipated by others who stand by this means of retribution. There are many arguments that have been made as to why the death penalty should continue to exist and why it should be suspended. A big argument has been made about the death of innocent people who after their deaths could have been found innocent due to new evidence that would exonerate them. Then there …show more content…
Capital punishment in the United States today provides no reliable safeguards against this danger. Errors can and have been made repeatedly in the trial of death penalty cases because of poor representation, racial prejudice, prosecutorial misconduct, or simply the presentation of erroneous evidence. Once convicted, a death row inmate faces serious obstacles in convincing any tribunal that he is innocent” (Para. 20). The possibility of receiving the death penalty for an innocent person might seem inevitably, but even the guiltiest of people will try and convince others of their innocence when facing death. Families from the victims of some of these crimes would argue otherwise when the person who commits murder escapes the death penalty only to be released to commit murder again causing pain and heartache for others that might have been avoided.
Even though there are arguments for those that think the innocent have been sentenced to death by capital punishment, there are others that suffer because of the people that are not given the death penalty. The feeling of knowing that the person who committed an act of extreme violence is getting better treatment than some people in poverty while in prison can be unsettling. The amount of amenities that inmates who have committed serious offences receive is disturbing. A person who has raped a small child should not be allowed access to a computer with internet, and

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