Essay on Should Students be Required to Take Drug Tests?

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Alarmingly high levels of illicit drug usage still continue to be a problem among the youth. Drug usage can have vital implications for the future health and happiness of many juveniles as they move forward towards their transition to adulthood. These adolescents who use drugs can have especially high risks of developing mental and physical problems that may interfere with their educational and future occupational pursuits. Therefore, approximately 20 percent of high schools in the United States utilize some form of drug testing as a requirement for students in the very hope of deterring students from using illegal substances (Counsel and Heal). "Even though drug testing sounds good, based on the science, it is not working," said study …show more content…
The updated data reinforced the claims they have had made before (Winter).
“So, does drug testing prevent or inhibit student drug use? Our data suggest that, as practiced in recent years in American secondary schools, it does not... The two forms of drug testing that are generally assumed to be most promising for reducing student drug use – random testing applied to all students... and testing of athletes – did not produce encouraging results. (Winter)”
Drug testing is expensive since it costs schools an average of $42 per student. This cost is simply for the preliminary test only and does not include routine follow-up testing check-ups throughout the year for a particular student (Taylor). In New Jersey, for instance, the Interscholastic Athletic Association contributed a total of $100,000 to the drug-testing

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