Should Gun Control be more Heavily Enforced? Essay

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Guns kill thousands of people every year. Whether it was war or some random mugging on the streets, they are tools of destruction. Nothing good can come from owning a gun. Every action has a consequence whether you decide to make it or not. Taking guns away from people will only leave guns in the hands of criminals. From a consensus from 2009, there are over 300 million people living in the United States. About one-third of the population owns a firearm. (Gun Control) The position that the government should take is that guns shouldn’t be taken from civilians since it doesn’t solve the problem for murder, but heavily enforce the process to obtain and keep a gun.
From a consensus from 2008, there were over 16,000 murders in the United
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They made it so it’s very hard to even obtain a gun. The only legal firearms in Japan are shotguns and just air rifles. Japan’s system works well and the United States should incorporate it (Fisher).
The reason why Japan’s system works so well is that they make people go through this lengthy process of obtaining a gun. First off, a person must attend a class and pass a written test which is only held once a month. Then the students who pass the written test are taken to participate in a shooting range class. If they manage to pass that, they are taken to a hospital which a series of test are performed on the potential gun owners. This is so that the hospital can do drug tests and several mental tests to make sure some psycho doesn’t get their hands on a gun. Lastly, the students are taken to the police station where they do extensive criminal background checks to see if the person has had any ties with criminals or a violent history. After all of this, the students who managed to pass all of these tests are allowed to own guns. Plus they have to tell the police where the gun and ammo is hidden within their household. (Fisher)
The way the Japanese have handled this situation of gun violence is commendable. Most countries have had a negative turnout by taking guns out of the hands of the people, but Japan has persevered through all their hardships. What adds even more icing to the cake is that gun owners in Japan must retake the class and redo all the exams

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