Should Animals Have Rights? Essay

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Should animals have rights? They can almost be compared to humans due to the fact that they have a heart, they can walk, and they can communicate with others. However, animals don’t necessarily kill humans for food like we kill them for food. So, in many minds, animals are not comparable to humans. But, should animals still have rights? Is it really morally acceptable to kill animals for food?

Some people believe that killing animals is unacceptable. They believe that violates animal rights if such rights existed. Tom Regan wrote in Religion and Animal Rights that “the animal rights position concerns the alleged wrongfulness of treating animals in certain ways (Regan). I agree that some people do treat animals
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I hope he learns a VERY important lesson from what he did, because now he just blew $7,000 he could have spent for something he could really use rather than on something he did not even get to keep! If shooting a deer is legal, why would some not so intelligent people try and find a way to make it illegal? Seriously!

I do not want to hunt, because I do not think I could be quite that long. I know before I die I will have hunted, but for now I am going to blame it one of my instincts of not being able to remain quite that long. However, I believe hunting should be done or we will soon be overpopulated by animals. Or better yet, more and more animals, such as deer, will run across the road early in the morning and could fatally injure somebody that it may have ran in front of. A week ago my boyfriends’ brother was driving to work at about 5 am and a deer ran out in front of him and he tried to swerve and miss it and hit the ditch. The deer did die and tore up his truck. That issue could become more frequent if lawmakers find a way to make hunting illegal overall. That would not be a very wise decision due to the fact that we as humans survive on food. We have to have it to live. Animals reproduce everyday, so there are enough animals running around to shoot some every now and then.

So, the question: is it morally acceptable to kill animals for food, I believe in my eyes, yes. It is only wrong if the hunter is killing the

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