Should Animals be Used for Medical Research? Essay

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Should animals be used for medical research?
1. Introduction
The deployment of animals for medical research has brought heated debates from both the proponents and opponents each holding to their views in a tight manner. Those who are in support of animal research argue that it has been constituting a vital element in the advancement of medical sciences throughout the world providing insights to various diseases, which have helped in the discovery and development of various medicines that have brought an improvement in the qualify of living of people. Such discoveries have gone so deep that but for them many would have died a premature death because no cure would have been found for the diseases that they were otherwise suffering. On
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Further, Driscoll,(1992) and Herzog & Galvin, (1997 argue that human beings discriminate their objections between various species based on their perceptions of the animals' mental abilities. They have described this attitude with an acronym, BAM, i.e. 'Belief in animal mind' and their attitudes according to Hills 1995 and Knight et al, 2003, are shaped by this notion of belief in animal mind. Even in those cases where their objections to the use of animals could have arisen due to the way the animals are being used in the medical research and inadequate scientific knowledge of the benefits that could accrue due to such use which may overweigh the costs. Under these circumstances, it can be taken that the objections of animal lovers could to a great extent be assuaged if the scientists could disseminate as much information as possible of the methods used in involving them in their experiments and also demonstrate that they do not have any other choice except to use them if the human kind were to benefit by such research. In other words, animal rightists by and large may turn supporters for use of the animals in such research if they could be convinced that there is no other alternative to the use of them in the interest of the advancement of medical science, and they see evidence the benefits outweighing costs. When viewed from a broad perspective, it is not as if using animals for the sake of medical research is

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