Shakespeare's Othello - Iago as Good Strategician and Lucky Opportunist

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Iago - Good Strategician and Lucky Opportunist

Like with many evil personalities in history and literature the question is always asked did he really plan to make this happen or was it just luck and convenient circumstances, was it intentional or just circumstantial. To determine how good Iago really is at plotting and whether it is really his own influence or just lucky circumstances that cause events I will examine his asides, soliloquies and interaction with key characters because they give an extra insight into his character.

In the first scene we are thrown right into the action with the argument between Iago and Roderigo. This first argument shows us how Iago is cunning and sly because he has already
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There is also the suggestion of racial motives behind his hatred of the Moor which is developed throughout the play, the language he uses to refer the Othello. For example phrases such as 'the moor' this takes away his individuality by stereotyping him as just one of a race and 'thick-lips' which is just a physical feature which he emphasises and uses as a taunt.

His taunting of Barbantio is also and example of his manipulation he is poisoning Barbantio's mind about his daughter and her relationship with Othello before the man has even given the idea a chance. By starting the idea of the marriage of on a negative feeling he has in a way cursed it. They have to overcome this prejudice and prove themselves to others as a couple. This is very clever of Iago but whether he meant this or whether he was just actin on vengeance is arguable. Iago is a highly intelligent character in that he is like a chameleon he can change his role, and attitude depending on whom he is with. To his wife he is very discourteous and suspicious of her because he thinks she has been unfaithful with Othello however with Othello he is an adviser and relied upon Othello trusts him and he plays the role accordingly.

Sexual frustration and jealousy is also another

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