Sexual Education in Schools Essay

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With approximately 750,000 U.S. teens becoming pregnant between the ages of 15 to 19 (Guttmacher, 2011) they need to be informed how to prevent pregnancy. The rate of teenage pregnancy has been on the rise and continues to be one of the highest in the developed world (Guttmacher, 2011) since 2006. To reduce the risk, the Mid-Prairie School District should implement a mandatory comprehensive sexual education course to inform teenagers on how to protect themselves from pregnancy and other diseases. With the school district implementing this course we will be able to educate teens on how to protect their health and prevent them from becoming pregnant because it will affect them for the rest of their life. Not
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They have shown that the most effective was comprehensive sexual education courses but these courses are not receiving as much funding as they need to be effective for all of the teens. These courses will help teenagers learn about protection, prevention, pregnancy, and alternatives to pregnancy and raising children, which will help to lower the percentage of those who will become pregnant because they are aware of how to prevent pregnancy. When teenagers are facing the situation of sexual intercourse some of them don’t know about the different methods of prevention for both men and women to use to help with prevention. By the teenagers not knowing about the methods and their proper use, we are experiencing teenagers becoming pregnant. By having comprehensive sexual education courses a 2002 national survey of teenagers, between ages 15 to 19, found that they were 60 percent less likely to report teenage pregnancy compared to 30 percent who received abstinence-only programs. (Constantine, 2008) While this is only based upon those people who were reporting pregnancy that just means that the rate of pregnancies were higher and the statics of those who were less likely to become pregnant could be that much greater with the education. Though this survey was conducted before there was an increase in the pregnancy rates, it is easy to see the correlation of why the increase may have happened, since there were not enough programs because there was not enough

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