Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Essay

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There are many different types of victims we have discussed over the course of this class, but we’re only going to talk about two types in the following paper. These two types of victims are common just as any another victim across America. These include sex assault victims and child abuse victims, which are both primary victims in cases. The two share a tie together, both are a victim of abuse and can cause lifelong consequences, but they also pose many differences as well. Many questions arise when talking about victims, for example why is a child or adult being abused and what are the life altering affects to these actions. Throughout this paper we discuss both sexual assault victims and child abuse victims and compare and …show more content…
This he said is usually seen in rural areas of low income single parent families with a live in partner and with multiple children. Physically abuse is also typically seen, and this is usually where disciplinary actions get out of hand and bruises and marks are left on the child. In serious cases the parent or guardian is removed and the child is placed with a family member or foster care for the time being. After a child is placed into the system there are services provided to families that need assistance with the protection and care of their child. The system arranges for reunification, adoption or permanent family connection for children once they leave foster care. These children also receive mental help due to the abuse that was inflicted on them and being moved out of their home. With child abuse follows a lot of mental distress or PTSD after being abused and placed outside of their home because that is all they have known their whole lives. Also most of these children are too young to comprehend that what is happening is wrong. A few treatment methods the cops and social services use are quite simple. They encourage the child to talk to help express feelings about the abuse; they help a child develop a healthier attachment and strengthen a child’s understanding of what happened and explain it to them it wasn’t their

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