Settlers and Differences in the New England and Chesapeake Region of the US

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DBQ Second Draft In the early 17th Century, great quantities of people emigrated from Great Britain to begin their individual lives again in the New World. These people, once in the New World, trans-located across the eastern side of the United State, and by the 18th century, despite their English ties had formed into two distinctly large communities mainly the New England and Chesapeake regions. Although the New England and Chesapeake regions were both greatly inhabited by people of English origin, the two groups varied in their political views, geographic locations and social beliefs; but, most importantly, the two regions varied in their religious emphasis and economic motives, which significantly aided in shaping theses regions …show more content…
Smith elaborates on how the people were consumed with trying to find gold (Doc F). This conveys how the settlers in the Chesapeake region were focus on profits than anything else. Smith describes the severity of the gold seeking with his statement, “There was no talk … but dig gold, wash gold, refine gold, load gold” (Doc F). The point that the settlers did not even spend time talking backs that claim the Chesapeake region settlers did not care so much or religion because if they did not have time to talk, where are they going to get time to pray to God. The religious emphasis placed by each of the regions was not the only distinguishing factor between the New England and Chesapeake regions. The Chesapeake and New England regions also varied significantly in their economic motives for coming to the new world. The men of the Chesapeake region came for with the hopes of becoming wealthy by farming and working on plantations. Captain John Smith, who was the head of the Virginia Colony, expressed in his text the values occupations the settlers took up when the immigrants came to the Chesapeake region (Doc F). The gold seekers, according to Smith, were the worst kind of people in the colony (Doc F). Smith had his famous policy of if one does not work, they do not get to eat. The gold seekers would waste their entire time looking for gold so they would not ever actual work. This thirst for gold

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