Service Quality in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Essay

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There are so many research studies that have been conducted relating to service quality and customer satisfaction as this topic has been the centre of attraction in the service industries. Both these words play an important role in determining the competitiveness and the survival of an organisation in the tourism or the hospitality industry. The following chapter commences with a brief look at the tourism industry, followed by the definition and explanation of service quality. This chapter also tries to provide the link between customer perceptions, expectations and satisfaction. Gaps evolving between the management of an organisation and the perceptions of the customers are evaluated in detail. The latter part of the chapter focuses on …show more content…
There are different purposes that passengers travel, for example business travel, leisure travel, visiting family and friends and assorted travel such as travelling for religious purposes or for health and well being and to visit family and friends, hence it is very important as an airline how it caters to the different needs of the passengers and what changes it should make to fulfil the customers’ expectations (Holloway, 1998). The airline industry has undergone a very difficult financial crisis in the last few years and many firms are in search of segmentation strategies taking customer services into consideration and on the lookout to satisfy different target markets.
The aviation industry is responsible for providing intangible services to its customers which means customer care and brand loyalty play a major role in the effective running of the industry but researchers state that this global airline industry has undergone drastic changes in the past few years which has led to the fall in good customer care, poor management, lack of proper training to staff, redundancies, and a severe decline in brand image for some major organisations. Some factors which directly or indirectly contributed to these downfall are recession (global financial crisis), volcanic eruptions which

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